Ronak Holding Libya

Ronak Holding Libya is a Libyan based multi-million-dollar group which is professionally managed. It is a dynamic and result-oriented group. We are trustworthy partner for many companies as a Business Gateway to Libya and North African Countries.

Ronak Libya Holding Helps It's Client to Identify The Best Trade and Business Opportunity In Libya.

Ronak Holding imports from all over the world and is focused mainly in Industrial, FMCG, Food Products, Agro Commodities, Healthcare, Hospital supply, IT/Telecom, Technological Transfer, Textile, Garments Energy, Construction, Building materials, Infrastructure Development, oil and gas,Transportations, EV and many more.


High Quality Services


We provide amazing opportunities for clients across the world to enter the Libyan market.


we have high-tech warehouse facilities for our clients to make process faster.


we develop proper process for managing resources that need to be stored or transported


We help our clients to choose the best ways to launch brands.


we make proper strategy to create client brand awareness


We also help companies to bid for government or private project.



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Ronak Holding Libya can work hand in hand with your company to introduce you to Libya’s promising market.
Investors across the world find Libya business opportunities more attractive and lucrative because of the execution of investment law no.9 of 2010
We have years of experience in the industry and can provide you complete guidance for import & export procedures, methods, and operations.
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